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Are you ready to develop your Board level skills? Over seven evenings in central Cardiff locations, you will learn, question and network with a highly qualified group of people, all experienced in their discipline and sector and ready to share current thinking and best practice.

There will be a FREE introductory session, open to anyone, with a top speaker and presentation of qualifying CPD certificates for our last cohort followed by these six sessions:

  • Oct 10th, (HSBC): Finance Support for Scale-Up Companies   
  • Oct 24th, (Development Bank of Wales (DBW)): Equipping Boards for an Integrated IT Future
  • Nov 7th (DBW): Board Assurance-Risk management Frameworks for Start-Ups/Scale-Ups
  • Nov 21st (DBW): The Role of the Chair in Scale-Up Boards
  • Nov 28th (DBW): The Pro-Bono route into Non-Exec
  • Dec 5th (DBW): The Importance of Inclusion on Scale-Up Boards

This essential training for both aspiring and established Board members is generally only available to Transpire Members and places are limited, but one session per programme is an open session and anyone can sample the benefits Transpire has to offer.

Click the FREE Open session button to register for the Cardiff open session (Nov 21st, 17.30,  at DBW, The Role of the Chair in Scale-Up Boards) or click the Download Pack button to review our NED Training and Events information pack.

In certain circumstances, Guest places may be available at a particular session. To request a Guest ticket, please email:


  • Tony, it was a good group so they were a joy to help.

    Bryan Foss - Non-Exec Director

  • Dear Tony,  many thanks for a great evening – enjoyed the atmosphere, discussion and the advice.

    Jane Williams - Non-Exec Director

  • Good session yesterday and interesting speaker as always.

    Paul Williams - Transpire Member

  • Chair as Mentor was the best session I have attended so far. Very insightful.

    Sarah Frost - Coach/Mentor

  • The Board Assurance session I found the most useful as, really for the first time, it introduced me to the Corporate Governance Code and the FPC. I felt David Styles really brought the subject to life.

    Neil Baines Thomas - Coach/Mentor

  • Great topics of interests (plus I was on the panel) – diversity and inclusion are current topics which many organisations are failing to address properly. Some are still uncomfortable talking about the subject with faces like they are sucking lemons.

    Vivienne Aiyela - NED/Transpire Member

  • Thanks, I enjoyed last night and found it very interesting and thought-provoking. You really have got your offering just right to meet my needs, and it will be a pleasure to continue working with you.

    Cheryl Watts - Transpire Member

  • Hi Tony, It was a real pleasure to meet you on Tuesday… led a great session, which was thoroughly informative! Thanks so much for the introductions. Keep in touch 🙂

    Rav (Bumbra) - Transpire Member

  • Hi Tony Great to meet you today. Really informative and useful session. Looking forward to learning more in the future about NED roles and maybe taking one up!

    James Mcnamara - Natwest

  • Thank you very much for inviting us and hosting a great session. The audience were very engaging and their feedback was very valuable.

    Vipul Mishra - CEO/Founder - Neotas

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