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Why is increasing attention being placed on corporate governance?
Long term sustainability: Studies indicate companies with strong corporate governance structures and well performing boards produce returns on equity, 20% higher than those with weak governance structures. “Businesses don’t fail, boards and leadership teams do” as proven by the seemingly increasing number of high profile corporate (and charity) failures.

Transpire offers a range of services to companies wishing to develop Board Capability ranging from in-house or peer group (e.g. Board Members of companies at growth or funding inflection points) board development programmes, through to CPD & Networking opportunities and a range of search options.


In smaller firms, the NED role is not primarily about corporate governance. It’s about providing external wisdom and astute commercial introductions.

Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations – You’re not necessarily looking for a “delivery” specialist, in these disciplines, but what you really want is an individual to take a “helicopter” / strategic perspective of the business. Someone with the knowledge, skills and behaviour to ask the right questions to evaluate the appropriate strategies and strategically support the business via a broad network of business contacts, Industry and Sector knowledge, or even access to funding.

What do you want your NED or Trustee for? – To provide ongoing strategic advice or a ‘trophy appointment’ for broader credibility? Both valuable, don’t confuse the two. Chemistry – Chemistry between CEO and NED is critical – helps if you get on, but some tension also needed for challenge to be effective. An open relationship – You need to be able to tell your NED everything about your business, good and bad. And expect the same back. 


Transpire Services

Plug the gap – Choose an NED to complement your skills and give specific input in areas you’re not so strong on.
Transpire offers a range of options from direct introductions to the fully trained and accredited NEDs and Trustees within our own network to a full formal recruitment process.


Recruitment Process review

For Companies/Charities seeking NEDs/Trustees who wish to do so via a formal recruitment process, Transpire works with its recruitment partner Nurole’s innovative search platform to deliver a high quality bespoke process which allows you to access top quality candidates at a surprisingly affordable price.


Board Training

Transpire’s CPD and Networking Programmes bring together a group of highly regarded industry leaders alongside a panel of experts presenting to and debating with the programme delegates on key industry topics. Relevant to every Director and NED, these sessions also offer peerless opportunities to develop your board level network.

All Board Training sessions are FREE to any organisation looking for an NED or Trustee. Please click the Book Board Training button below to choose your most appropriate venue and register to attend.

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Customised Network Review

A great option for Companies/Charities seeking NEDs/Trustees is our customised network review. Just tell us where the pain points/issues are (ideally in a face to face meeting so we can gain a good understanding of both your needs and your culture)  and we’ll look into our extensive network


Masterclasses and Workshops

Transpire’s Masterclasses & Workshops bring together Directors from some of the UK’s most exciting and fast-growing companies looking to improve their Board skills and established and aspiring NEDs seeking to build their non-executive portfolios.


  • Tony, it was a good group so they were a joy to help.

    Bryan Foss - Non-Exec Director

  • Dear Tony,  many thanks for a great evening – enjoyed the atmosphere, discussion and the advice.

    Jane Williams - Non-Exec Director

  • Good session yesterday and interesting speaker as always.

    Paul Williams - Transpire Member

  • Chair as Mentor was the best session I have attended so far. Very insightful.

    Sarah Frost - Coach/Mentor

  • The Board Assurance session I found the most useful as, really for the first time, it introduced me to the Corporate Governance Code and the FPC. I felt David Styles really brought the subject to life.

    Neil Baines Thomas - Coach/Mentor

  • Great topics of interests (plus I was on the panel) – diversity and inclusion are current topics which many organisations are failing to address properly. Some are still uncomfortable talking about the subject with faces like they are sucking lemons.

    Vivienne Aiyela - NED/Transpire Member

  • Thanks, I enjoyed last night and found it very interesting and thought-provoking. You really have got your offering just right to meet my needs, and it will be a pleasure to continue working with you.

    Cheryl Watts - Transpire Member

  • Hi Tony, It was a real pleasure to meet you on Tuesday… led a great session, which was thoroughly informative! Thanks so much for the introductions. Keep in touch 🙂

    Rav (Bumbra) - Transpire Member

  • Hi Tony Great to meet you today. Really informative and useful session. Looking forward to learning more in the future about NED roles and maybe taking one up!

    James Mcnamara - Natwest

  • Thank you very much for inviting us and hosting a great session. The audience were very engaging and their feedback was very valuable.

    Vipul Mishra - CEO/Founder - Neotas

Case Studies


Non-Exec Director

In conversation with George Whitehead, Venture Partner Manager at Octopus Investments, it was mentioned that a portfolio company operating in the cyber-security space was on the look-out for an Advisor/Non exec to join their Board.

A Platinum Alumnus Member of Transpire is ex-Head of the UK’s Defence Cyber Security Programme and so an introduction to the CEO was made. They met, saw each other’s potential and found a fit.

George Whitehead comments:-

“It’s very useful to be able to access the highly skilled Members of the Transpire network when we need to strengthen the Boards of our portfolio companies.”

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 16.39.33


Transpire was approached by the CEO of a substantial charity seeking to refresh its Trustee Board.

The charity had exhausted its usual channels (board members’ personal networks, selected media adverts) and so decided to invest in a formal recruitment process, which Transpire delivered in conjunction with its recruitment partner Nurole. 3 new Trustees were recruited, 2 with sector experience.

The CEO comments:-

“Transpire has helped us access a completely different calibre of individual, such that the Trustee Board now operates much more effectively and strategically. The value add from these fresh pairs of eyes is considerable”

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